Knights of St. Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6 P.M. in the Lodge room of the Scottish Rite Temple. You can denote a Knight of the Valley of Montgomery KSA by his traditional Glengarry and sash. You will see the Knights setting up the Lodge room, giving educational degree lectures, or in services that the Valley might require.

The Knights are always looking for new members to help support the Valley. Membership in the Knights of St. Andrew is limited to Masters of the Royal Secret 32° who are members of the Valley of Montgomery in good standing. If you are interested in becoming a Squire, ask the Valley Secretary or any Knight for a petition.

KSA Officers

First KnightFidel Cintron, 32°
Grand CounsellorCameron McCormick, 32°
Commander of the WatchMarcus Segars, 32°
Keeper of the RealmChad Jeffcoat, 32° *
Keeper of the QuillTim Harper, 32° *
Knight Marshal
Knight SentinelGerald Barron, 32°
Knight ChaplainDonald Bush, 32°
Knight Chronicler
*former 1st Knight

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Knights of St Andrew download a petition and bring it to the next meeting. You can download a petition here: KSA Application

If you are looking to get re-instated you can download a re-instatement petition here: KSA Reinstatement Petition

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